I’m Single, Not Alone (Yes, There’s A Difference)

Relationship status? Single. Check.

It’s something that is so effortlessly checked off and filed away into my brain, that most times I don’t even think about it. It’s not something, in my opinion, that requires any extra pondering. Except for one time of the year.

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I Don’t Want To Grow Up Yet (and that’s perfectly okay)

On my last night of winter break, my family finally obliged to my relentless begging and set up our old, chunky video recorder to watchΒ family home videos. I mean, who doesn’t love watching their cute miniature self running around with no cares in the world? I certainly do. But as much as I adore watching mini me and my minions (aka siblings) dancing with no cares in the world, it also brings rushing nostalgia back in the bad kind of way.

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Welcome to katesland!

Hi everyone!

For those who already know me, you might remember a blog I created last year called Dormshock, which was a humorous take on living life in the dorms as a freshman. Lately, I’ve been thinking about that blog and how much fun I had creating it, sharing it, and hearing back from people who read it (for what started out as an assigned project for a class, that blog brought a lot of fun and success in a short period of time).

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